RedHat installation instructions


These instructions are for Anaconda Team Edition on the RedHat Marketplace.

Anaconda harnesses the power of open-source innovation, empowering more than 25 million users to do breakthrough data science. We deliver enterprise grade solutions to support the use of open-source technology across the machine learning life cycle, and we are the originators of the Anaconda Individual Edition (Distribution), the platform for Python-based data science.

Anaconda Team Edition is now available on RedHat OpenShift.

Topic contents:


  • Dynamic PersistentVolume support with RWX (ReadWriteMany) PVC capability

  • Defined hostname (FQDN) for the application’s ingress


  1. Install the operator globally or in a specific namespace on the cluster.

  2. Create an instance of the operator.

  3. Update the value in the YAML definition to match the hostname created for the application.

  4. Update the storage.storageclassname value in the YAML definition to match your desired RWX StorageClass.

  5. Log in via the host assigned to your ingress with the following credentials:

Username: anaconda-admin

Password: password

Creating additional users

Log in to KeyCloak with the following credentials, and then follow these steps to create a user:

Username: admin

Password: admin

Visit the Installation instructions topic to view the complete Anaconda Team Edition installation instructions.