Manual verification of installation

Services are one-to-one to containers. Therefore, verifying that all major containers are up and not restarting or failing is a good first step.

In a terminal, run:

docker ps

You should see output similar to the following:


It is important to note that each container appears in the output:

  • Installer_repo_api

  • Installer_nginx_proxy

  • Installer_repo_worker

  • Installer_repo_dispatcher

  • Installer_repo_proxy

  • Installer_keycloak

  • Installer_postgres

  • Installer_redis

It is also important to note that the status of each container is “Up”, and that it does not get stuck in a restart loop.

Finally, you should be able to use a browser to navigate to the domain that you supplied when executing the installer. If you are able to successfully authenticate and use the product, it has installed correctly.