Accessing metricsΒΆ

Every Team Edition service exposes a set of metrics required to view system performance and detect issues. Metrics are provided in OpenMetrics (Prometheus) format.

Metrics UI is located at the root URL of the Team Edition installation under /prometheus.

Team Edition API

  • requests_in_progress - Gauge. Number of API requests currently in progress. Labeled by method (HTTP Method) and endpoint.

  • request_latency_seconds - Histogram. API request latency in seconds. Labeled by method and endpoint (API endpoint path, i.e. /channels).

  • request_count - Counter. Total API request count. Labeled by method, endpoint, and status (HTTP Status code).

Scheduled jobs

  • scheduler_jobs_in_flight - Gauge. Total scheduled jobs in progress. Labeled by scheduler_job (name of scheduled job, i.e. synchronize_mirror).

  • scheduler_job_failures - Counter. Total scheduled job failures. Labeled by scheduler_job.

  • scheduler_job_latency_seconds - Histogram. Scheduled jobs latency in seconds. Labeled by scheduler_job.

Event dispatcher plane

  • dispatcher_tasks_in_flight - Gauge. Total tasks event dispatcher has in progress. Labeled by listener (name of event listener).

  • dispatcher_task_failures - Counter. Total event dispatcher task failures. Labeled by listener.

  • dispatcher_task_latency_seconds - Histogram. Dispatcher task latency in seconds. Labeled by listener.