Using Conda with Anaconda Team Edition


You will need to configure Conda to install packages from your Anaconda Team Edition installation.

Set your channel alias on conda:

conda config --set channel_alias http(s)://<DOMAIN>/api/repo

And configure your default channels to include the channel where Anaconda Distribution packages have been mirrored:

conda config --prepend default_channels <DEFAULT_CHANNEL>

You can run the above command multiple times to configure several default channels.

Alternatively, you can edit your .condarc file manually:

You will need to configure your conda configuration file, .condarc, to point to your instance of Team Edition and set up the channel(s) you want to pull packages from. This enables Conda to install packages from your instance of Team Edition rather than pulling from

The location of your .condarc file depends on which operating system you use. Consult the condarc documentation to determine the correct path.

  1. Open the .condarc file with a text editor

  2. Set the channel_alias and the default_channels

    channel_alias: https://<HOST_NAME>.<COMPANY>.com/api/repo
  3. Save the file.

Installing packages

Install packages from Anaconda Team Edition (public channels):

conda install [-c <CHANNEL_NAME>] <PACKAGE_NAME>

The -c <CHANNEL_NAME> flag allows you to install packages from channels on Anaconda Team Edition that have been created by users or administrators.

If you do not specify the -c flag, packages will be taken from the channels in the default_channels configuration.


Prior to installing packages from a private or authenticated channel, you first need to log in using the Anaconda Team Edition CLI, not from the browser.

Conda Reference

More information on conda commands can be found in the conda documentation.