Release notes

The following notes are provided to help you understand the major changes made between releases, and therefore may not include minor bug fixes and updates.

Anaconda Team Edition 6.1.4

Released February 4, 2021

What’s new

  • Ability to mirror from another installation of Team Edition via https.

  • Ability to upgrade Team Edition and maintain current settings and filters.

  • Role Mapping: when additional roles are added to User Management, Admin is able to restrict or add additional permissions to the end user.

  • Ability to mirror from

  • Ability to move, copy, and delete artifacts within a package.

  • Easily upgrade a license key from the Admin user’s UI dashboard


  • Improved the support and documentation for custom certificates.

  • Mirror frequency and performance issues.

  • When you remove a subdirectory, it is removed from the package artifact list upon updating the mirror.

  • Added notification that frequency is in UTC time.

  • CVE improvements:
    • CVEs are now updating in Team Edition every 4 hours to align with NIST.

    • All CVEs have the correct status for reporting (Reported or Anaconda Curated: Active, Cleared, Mitigated, or Disputed).

    • Ability to filter by CVE status (Reported or Anaconda Curated: Active, Cleared, Mitigated, or Disputed).

    • Display the CVE date as shown by NIST for Published and Modified.

    • Display the date Anaconda curated the CVE.

Bug fixes

  • Dashboard now displays the correct package count for a channel.

  • An error duing customer logout experience with Team Edition was caused by a miscommunication between web socket and callback endpoint API.

  • Sorting in channels not working as expected.

  • Ability to sort all pages of package artifacts by Size, Version, Last Updated, and Platform.

  • Ability to sort packages based on Name.

  • Issues with conda repo functionality for conda repo channel copy and conda repo upload options have been fixed.

  • Index of cache on Team Edition related to If-Modified-Since header has been fixed.

  • API to trigger on channel index refresh lead to displaying inconsistent information between the channel and actual artifacts in the channel.

Anaconda Team Edition 6.1.3

Released August 10, 2020

What’s New

  • CVEs will be automatically fed to and updated on the Team Edition dashboard, so you no longer have to mirror them.

  • CVEs will now be pulled down from NIST and listed as Reported (not curated).

  • CVEs that are curated by Anaconda will now be designated with a checkmark and a label defining the stage of curation.

  • You can now search for CVEs in the search bar at the top of Team Edition (Admin only).

  • CVEs are displayed using an algorithm. When one or more CVEs are associated with a package, the score that is displayed is based on the highest score and risk state of a CVE for each file.

  • Clicking on the number of CVEs related to a package file will show a CVE listing view.

  • The number of unique CVEs for a package is displayed at the package level.

  • When viewing files in a package, the appropriate CVE score (or N/A) will be displayed based on the number of CVEs and severity.

  • The metadata will now display all the CVEs score information.

  • All the packages affected by a CVE will be associated with that CVE.


  • Each CVE status can be seen by clicking on “info” icons and viewing meta information.

  • It is now more clear that the CVE number is a clickable link.

  • There is greater distinction between Anaconda curated and non-curated CVEs via a checkbox selection.

  • More than two mirrors can now be run at the same time.

Bug fixes

  • The heirarchy for mirroring filters has been corrected; now, if a package is added to both “include” and “exclude,” the package will be excluded.

  • System metering (Prometheus) is now showing up properly.

  • Admins can now update user roles and create custom roles.