Upgrading Team Edition

Follow these steps to upgrade your version of Anaconda Team Edition from 6.1.0 or 6.1.1 to 6.1.3:


Upgrading does not require hardware upgrades. Your data integrity will not be impacted.

  1. Save the REPO_TOKEN_CLIENT_SECRET and REPO_KEYCLOAK_SYNC_CLIENT_SECRET values from the .env file in the installer directory for your current version of Team Edition.

  2. Run docker-compose stop in your current version’s install directory (most likely in the same location as your docker-compose.yml file). This will stop the container(s) and preserve the data.

  3. Download, extract, and install the new version of Team Edition using the 6.1.3 installer.

  4. Modify the .env file in the new version’s directory and replace REPO_TOKEN_CLIENT_SECRET and REPO_KEYCLOAK_SYNC_CLIENT_SECRET with the values from the old install directory.

  5. Run docker-compose up -d repo_api in the new install directory.

  6. Re-upload the license:

  • Via UI: Sign in as an admin and enter your license key via the following path:

  • Via API:

    POST /system/license