Anaconda Team Edition enables you to upload packages (conda, cran, wheel, egg, sdist, etc.) to the repository and store them in several different channel structures. Each package contains specific metadata for that package along with the dependencies and dependents for the package.

This topic provides guidance on the following actions:

Uploading a package

  1. Preparation for uploading packages differs depending on your package type. Please follow the relevant guide for your respective packages:

  1. Click the green dropdown button in the top right corner, and then click Upload File.

  2. On the Upload a File screen, select the type of file you’d like to upload from the dropdown.

  3. Click the Browse button to find your file and add it to the page.

  4. Click Upload.

Downloading a package

On a package details page, click on a file name to download the file.


Viewing package details

Via the UI:

Click anywhere on a package to view its details.

You can then click the Sort button to sort files by version, size, platform, and name.


Via the API:

GET /api/channels/{channel_name}/artifacts/{artifact_type}/{artifact_name}
GET /api/channels/{channel_name}/artifacts/{artifact_type}/{artifact_name}/readme
GET /api/channels/{channel_name}/artifacts/{artifact_type}/{artifact_name}/cves
GET /api/channels/{channel_name}/artifacts/{artifact_type}/{artifact_name}/files
GET /api/channels/{channel_name}/artifacts/{artifact_type}/{artifact_name}/dependencies
GET /api/channels/{channel_name}/subchannels/{subchannel_name}/artifacts/{artifact_type}/{artifact_name}
GET /api/channels/{channel_name}/subchannels/{subchannel_name}/artifacts/{artifact_type}/{artifact_name}/readme
GET /api/channels/{channel_name}/subchannels/{subchannel_name}/artifacts/{artifact_type}/{artifact_name}/cves
GET /api/channels/{channel_name}/subchannels/{subchannel_name}/artifacts/{artifact_type}/{artifact_name}/files
GET /api/channels/{channel_name}/subchannels/{subchannel_name}/artifacts/{artifact_type}/{artifact_name}/dependencies

Via the CLI:

conda repo channel --list-file<channel_name> --full-details

Viewing package metadata

Click the information icon to view a file’s metadata.


Managing a package

  1. Check the box next to a package.

  2. Click the dropdown next to the search bar. You may then move, copy, or delete the package.


Deleting a package

Click the green Delete button to delete a package. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the Package. Click Delete to confirm.


Via the UI:

  1. On a package details page, navigate to the Files tab to see all the versions of a given package.

  2. Select one or more packages, and then click on the down arrow to the left of the filter field and click Delete.

Via the API:

DELETE /api/channels/{channel_name}/artifacts/{artifact_type}/{artifact_name}
DELETE /api/channels/{channel_name}/subchannels/{subchannel_name}/artifacts/{artifact_type}/{artifact_name}

Via the CLI:

conda-repo remove [--family]<channel>/<subchannel>[::<package>[/<version>[/<filename>]]]