Anaconda Team Edition CLIΒΆ

The Anaconda Team Edition CLI is used by both users and administrators to do the following:

  • Install packages from private or authenticated channels

  • Configure channels

  • Upload assets

  • Create mirrors

Install the Anaconda Team Edition CLI (hereafter referred to as simply CLI) from

Install the conda-repo-cli package:

conda install conda-repo-cli

Alternatively, you may run the following command if you have a clean setup:

conda install conda-repo-cli


The Anaconda Team Edition administrators may also choose to mirror this package into a channel on the server. Contact your administors to determine if conda-repo-cli can be installed from an Anaconda Team Edition channel.

Configure your conda repo site:

conda repo config --set sites.<SITE_NAME>.url "http(s)://<DOMAIN>/api"
conda repo config --set default_site <SITE_NAME>

For example, <SITE_NAME> may be anaconda-repo and <DOMAIN> may be

conda repo login # You will be prompted to enter your Team Edition username and password

Now you will be able to install packages from private and authenticated channels you have access to.

For a more robust view of conda repo commands, run the following command:

conda repo --help